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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ride with Chris Carmichael on Sep 17

Lance Armstrong’s Coach Makes Exclusive
New England Stop at Belmont Wheelworks
for Group Ride & Book Signing

“The Time-Crunched Cyclist”

Love staying in shape? No time for exercise? Enjoy cycling? Two words for you: Chris Carmichael, who’ll be in town to sign his new book, The Time Crunched Cyclist, and to answer your questions in person about how to fit some reasonable riding into your unreasonable schedule. Carmichael, who coached Lance to seven consecutive Tour de France victories and this year's comeback third place, makes his only New England stop at the Belmont WHEELWORKS on September 17th with a group ride and a Q & A. Says Carmichael, "We’re not 20 anymore. Many of us have families and jobs and can’t commit to 10 or more hours per week on our bikes. For most of us, “your training program is the only thing stopping you from enjoying cycling the way you used to. Why? Because predominant theories in training are still stuck in the 1980s.”

The event will begin with a 2-hour group ride for up to 40 local cyclists led by Carmichael. All riders should be intermediate level or more advanced and be able to maintain a 17 to 19 mph pace. After the ride, the public is invited to a clinic and book signing reception sponsored by GU Energy Labs at the Belmont WHEELWORKS. You have to register for the ride by emailing and all are welcome to the book signing reception later in the evening.


Thursday, September 17th

3:30pm Ride Meeting Time at Belmont Wheelworks
4:00pm Ride Departure
6:30pm-8pm Clinic & refreshments at Belmont Wheelworks following the ride


480 Trapelo Road
Belmont, MA
(617) 489-3577

COST: The ride and in-store appearance are free and open to the public.

The Time-Crunched Cyclist...sounds like he wrote the book for me!!

Friday, September 4, 2009


It has certainly been a while since my last post. Until recently, I had been riding and chronicling my rides using the Daily Mile/Facebook applications as well as posting some basic weekly stats here (both can be viewed over to the right). This was suppose to a riding season of PRs and reaching set goals. Unfortunately, it hasn't exactly evolved in that manner, although last week I did have a "first" worth posting on. I wish this was a good "first" but it's not.

Two Sundays ago I did a 51 mile ride followed by a 20 miler the next day, and then I was off to NJ to work at a project site for a few days. Well by the end of my first day away I was experiencing some discomfort which I immediately attributed to being dehydrated...wrong! Despite efforts to rehydrate, the symptoms grew worse, and last Friday I was diagnosed with prostatitis, otherwise known as a male urinary tract infection! As a result, the doctor suggested that I curtail riding until the symptoms had subsided, which they did a few days ago. But I've been playing it safe and have been grounded for a total of 10 days! I plan on riding today...wish me luck!

It's not entirely clear to the doctor or me what caused could have been the 50 mile ride or the cumulative affects of the riding season...or not related to the riding at all. One thing is for sure, the saddle I've been riding is comfortable and has not caused any numbness in the nether regions nor malfunctioning parts! So go figure! Obviously I'll have to monitor the situation closely.