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Monday, January 10, 2011

Oops!...I Did It Again

No blogging since my last post in August 2010. Is that unbelievable? Well believe it. When I wrote my last post back in August it was looking like I was getting back into the swing of a routine riding schedule. Then I went on vacation for a Maine...with my bike. Other than hitting the Acadia NP carriage roads on a rented MTB with family in tow, I never rode that week...nor did I ride a bike for the rest of the year. How I allow this to happen is frustrating to me but mainly after the fact. While it's happening it just seems like riding is not an option for me for one reason or another and I accept it. I obviously need to work on this a lot more. I intend on this first blog post of 2011 to be my new start, because immersing myself in thoughts on cycling puts me in the right frame of mind to take action. And action is what I need...much more than words! So expect more frequent blog posts from me as this new year unfolds and I flesh out ways to motivate myself to get an early jump on the 2011 riding season (DST starts in 62 days!!), improve my overall fitness, and lose weight. Unfortunately, I won't be hitting the road anytime soon with our 2nd major winter storm of the season bearing down on Southern New England. Lucky's what we'll be dealing with on Wednesday morning.