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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Falling Behind the "Firsts"

Here is a list of cycling "firsts" I've been reading about in the blogosphere lately:

I'm very pleased to see that my fellow cycling bloggers are faithfully completing their 2009 cycling "firsts" and moving forward toward meeting their cycling goals. I'm certainly not in competition with anyone for any type of cycling stat or bragging rights (except perhaps myself), but my inability to get on track while others are off and running is starting to weigh on me.

The month of March has been particularly frustrating so far with snow-clogged roads to start the month, followed by a bout with the flu, a need to prioritize the completion of home remodeling projects, lingering effects from being sick, and finally this past weekend, a home full of guests for the weekend (my SIL and her 3 children stayed with us this weekend and on Sat we had a birthday party for my daughter). Then a review of my cycling goals for 2009 reveals that I've already missed one entirely - to start routine "training" rides BEFORE daylight savings time begins on March 8. And now I'm starting to question my ability to commit to early morning rides on the weekends as I wimp out upon sight of the thermometer!

I need to get on track soon...the pressure is of my own making but it's building quickly and I don't like the feeling!

Tomorrow looks like a fine day for my FIRST after work ride of the season. We'll see what happens.


Michael said...

I was thinking the other day, this whole riding thing I am doing started with 1.25 mile ride through the neighborhood and expanded, very slowly about a half mile at a time, to where I am now. You can just do little rides. It gets you on the bike, and everything builds from there. Even if the motivation isn't there, just getting on the bike changes that.

Glenn_in_MA said...

Michael, what you say is very true but despite knowing that, I always have this idea that if I can't ride 12 miles or more then it's not worth getting the bike out. I know that's not the case especially in the base building stage, but yet the idea lingers. Of course, later when the miles are up there the rest days tend to be more welcome. Anyway, thanks for pointing out this easy to forget fact about building motivation when it's lacking.