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Monday, April 25, 2011

Springtime in New England

A dose of cold...a dash of Spring. That describes the contrasting conditions on my last two rides. Thursday's ride was frigid for April...the temperature was 50 but the wind was blowing a steady 25 mph from the northwest with gusts to 40 mph. It's tough to get out in these conditions but it always feels great at the end of the ride when you know the training benefits of riding in the stiff wind will pay off later. On Friday there was a quick turnaround in weather conditions as the temperature rose to near 60 and the wind retreated, making for a very nice 21 mile ride.

I'm pretty happy with my last four weeks of riding. The rides have been short but that's by design and it's still early in the season. More importantly, I'm happier with my weight loss of 5 pounds over the same time period because it's due more to eating better than piling up the cycling miles. If I can keep the diet on track, the pounds will melt away easily when the miles start piling up. But that's the rub, as my track record is one of using cycling as an excuse to eat more!

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A Midnight Rider said...

My evening snacks are olives and pickles now. If I eat all of them in the house, it only adds up to around 7 calories.