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Monday, December 22, 2008

And Snow It Did!

Snow totals in my yard:

Friday - 9"
Saturday - 2"
Sunday - 4" (before brief change to sleet/rain)

I can be a bit of a weather geek with stats and with IMO commentary on weather forecasts. Drives my wife crazy. What can I say, it goes hand in hand with my BS in meteorology.

As expected, I won't be hitting the road on two wheels anytime soon. But I WILL start on the trainer before 2008 is over and do plan a series of mostly bicycle related posts over the holidays. Gotta keep the blogging skills intact too!

Looking over my my blog, I'm mostly pleased with the results so far. One thing I'm not pleased about is the lack of photos will be added soon. Today I've add stock photos of my bikes on the sidebar.

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sarah said...

I'm never sure how to measure snow as it blows a lot where we are, but we have more than enough! It was fun for a day, but I don't like the concrete hard stuff and ice. Your bikes look great! Definitely will be fun to see more pics soon.