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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Nothing Tastes As Good As Thin Feels

The title of this post is a saying I heard tonight on NBC's The Biggest Loser show. Yes, as much as I hate to admit it, I need to get my motivation to ride from different sources...including a reality TV show. So every Tuesday night I tune in to the Biggest Loser to watch these amazing transformations. They truly are amazing. And believe it or not, I had never heard that saying before...neither had my wife. But we're in agreement that it's a profound statement.

Again, the reason I mention this is, that despite my love for cycling, I still need to be motivated to get out and ride. And riding is my main method for losing weight. What can I say, I enjoy eating...and most often not the right food. Yes, I'm more of a live to eat than eat to live type of guy. But I also know when enough is enough, and that moment came earlier this year when my doctor informed me that I had essential hypertension (high blood pressure runs in the family) and put me on medication. I hate medication! I desperately want to be off of meds! Ha!...more motivation.

At the time of my high blood pressure diagnosis, I was tipping the scales at 226 lb (at 5'-11" I believe that equates to a BMI of around 31...not good). Immediately, I set out with a haphazard bike riding training schedule and I'm happy to report that I lost 25 lbs by mid September. No doubt, eating better was also an essential part of that success. Currently, with the lack of riding miles and the festive season underway, I'm waging a losing battle with maintaining that weight loss. So yes, I need all the motivation I can get.

Nothing tastes as good as thin feels. I should put that on a tee shirt! Darn, someone beat me to it.

Now you know a little more about me and the motivation I need. I went riding in snow showers on Sunday. I never would have done that in the past. Being part of a cycling blog community provided the motivation. Thanks Sarah!!

The weekend weather is looking mighty good at this point, so no excuses for not getting in two more rides this week.


sarah said...

Biking is the funnest way to control weight that I've found! Sometimes though, a hard bike ride leaves me so hungry and I want to go eat a lot, but also know that I don't really want to go replace all the calories I just burned! The holidays are hard. I got a box of gorgeous homemade chocolates in the mail yesterday, all kinds...I'm tempted to think the dried apricots dipped in chocolate are virtually health food =) Well, I know they are not, but I ate one after my ride today for a treat.

Michael said...

Like Sarah said - there is no more fun way to lose weight. I weighed about 220 when I started, it fluctuates a bit, now, 180 in summer and 190 or so in winter,(I am 6'2") but I eat way too much of all the wrong things too. I think someplace in my earlier posts I talk about blood pressure - not taking meds was my biggest reason to get back on my bike. It works. When I ride my blood pressure is perfect. WHen I stop for a while - you don't want to know.

Glenn_in_MA said...

Can't agree more on the "fun" concept.
Apricots dipped in chocolate..yum! Will-power is a good trait...and one that I lack.
You don't have to tell me about the "no riding" blood pressure...I know all too well.
Thank you both for your support.