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Friday, January 30, 2009

Our Next Weather Event?

Monday promises to bring a dry, mild day with temperatures in the mid-40s...okay, this is mild only in a relative sense. It might be a perfect day to hit the road on a bike to knock-off one of those February challenge rides, if you have any to check off the ole list (sadly, I don't). It might also be the calm before the storm. Looks like our next low pressure visitor will be whistling Dixie AND meaning a little business. Look at those wound up isobars!

This storm will be coming up the coast from the deep south and laden with moisture. Currently it looks like mostly rain for these parts and a fast mover...starting Monday night and lasting through Tuesday night. BUT, and you know there's always a "but" when it comes to New England weather forecasting, the numerical weather models keep tracking this storm further east with each successive run. So you've heard this a hundred times before and you'll read it here again now, depending upon the track this could be yet another major snow storm for southern New England. Interestingly, the models had the last storm tracking more and more northwest as the forecast period narrowed down and the outcome was snow to rain. What will this storm bring??

I'll update over the weekend.

Sorry about all the weather postings...unfortunately, I've been obsessed with winter storms all my life and since my butt hasn't touched a saddle in 3 weeks...well, you know, gotta write about something!

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