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Monday, February 2, 2009

Nuisance Snow

So much for the weekend update.

Tuesday's weather event now looks to be no more than a nuisance snowfall for most of us in southern New England.

This is a forecast map for Tuesday morning (1200Z = 7:00 AM EST). Generally when a low pressure area tracks this far offshore we don't get much snow.

Had my sights set on a Sunday bike ride with temperatures well into the 40s, but a survey of local roads by car revealed huge road-spanning puddles and many areas where the ice was still reaching the travel lane. I shelved the ride and focused on languishing home projects instead. Why can't a day have more hours?

The main project right now is a remodel of the half bath/laundry room. And the most difficult element of this project is the installation of a pocket door to replace the original door that swung into the room. Reversing the swing was not an option.

I took a walk at lunch today and decided that a plan was required to transition myself into the riding season in or near the shape I had hoped to maintain over the winter...but sadly did not over the last two months. My weight is up (pants are tight again) and my blood pressure has been creeping up a bit. The way I see it, I've got 8 weeks to work on some core strength, lose about 5 pounds and incrementally build up some riding miles...whether it be on the trainer or on the road. Eight weeks will bring us to April, and if I have any hope of riding a metric century by then I KNOW I need a plan!!

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