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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Base Training Plan

In my last post I mentioned my new base training plan, so here it is.
I said it was a 12 week plan, but it's really 16 weeks and will take me well into June. That's a long time for building a base but that's by design. It's basically my adaptation of a block training plan modified to address my time-crunched lifestyle and need for lots of recovery.

Key elements of the plan consist of:
  • Four 4-week blocks each peaking in the 3rd week followed by a recovery week.
  • Only 3 rides per week...meaning plenty of recovery time (down time or time for other activities)
  • Longer rides (for me at least...particularly for the Spring season)
  • More flexibility for scheduling rides
If I follow this plan, I'll end up with close to my total mileage for all of last year by the end of June. So no doubt, there is a lot of cycling involved. We'll see how it goes.

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