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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Walking the Talk

At least for today that is!

Today was the typical type of day on which I usually have a hard time motivating myself to ride. It was cloudy, cold (48F at ride time) and threatening to rain. Most of the time I find a nice convenient excuse to do something else. But not I rode.

The difference today was the fact that I was working from home and HAD a decent window of opportunity to ride. With rain on the horizon for the next 4 days it wasn't a difficult decision to make. I didn't want goose-eggs as my entry for Week 2 of my base log. It's going to be hard enough hitting targets this month with the always potentially crappy New England weather in play.

Next week we'll be on DST, which should give me more flexibility to ride and make after work rides doable with a little planning (i.e., getting out of the office early :)).

Anyway, today it was 25.6 miles at a sickening 14.4 mph pace...argh! Thirty minutes after I got home it was raining...a cold, nasty type of rain.


Redd-Design said...

I rode today as well...but on the trainer for an hour...didn't get out of work till 5 and was already crappy on the north shore.

Weekends and Mon/Tues I work from home, so as soon as it's nice I'll be back outside. I run the women's rides from Beverly Cycles so I might as well set a good example.

Glenn_in_MA said...

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