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Monday, May 9, 2011

Lost Weekend

I knew something wasn't quite right on Friday afternoon when I started getting stomach cramps half-way through a 22 mile ride. I sometimes get mild stomach cramps after rides or on those hot summer rides immediately after replenishing electrolytes, but this was something different. The cramps eased up after the ride and I had my usual ravenous appetite, but something still did not feel right with my body. I went to bed figuring I'd feel much better in the morning. Wrong!
Morning brought the revelation that I had a stomach virus...a nasty one. I'll skip the gory details suffice it to say that by Sunday morning I had lost 8-9 pounds. I'm definitely trying to lose weight but not like that!
So much for my weekend plans. Missed my cousin's wedding...couldn't go out on Mother's yard work got done...and goose egg entries in the training log! Truly a lost weekend.
Weekly riding stats are updated in the right side-bar. The weight entry is not a typo...that was my weight on Sunday morning. As I write this, I have thankfully gained 2.5 lbs back.


A Midnight Rider said...

On the bright side, you did get out of doing yard work.

Jason said...

Feel better soon!