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Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Night Ride!

I'm hoping this week to have a breakthough with my riding and to hit a training groove I can sustain. If tonight's ride is any indication, I might be there.
Monday would normally be a recovery day (non-riding), but I didn't ride this weekend (spent 3 days down the Cape for my sister's wedding). So with fresh legs and a beautiful early evening, I figured I'd get in at least 20 miles. My mindset when I set out was just to spin and not to push it. But as seems to be the case at some point in each riding season, my easy ride turned into a ride with an easy to maintain pace faster than my rides the past few weeks...and on the loop I've primarily been riding over the same period. My breakthrough ride? We'll see.
Ride stats: 22.1 miles at 17.1 mph (1 hr - 17 min - 45 sec ride time)


KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Nice ride and I bet it felt great to get back in the saddle after 3 days off. I would be bouncing off the walls had I been sans bike for that long.

Glenn_in_MA said...

Hi KC! Thanks for stopping by. With my crazy schedule I had to get use to being sans bike for any period of time! I'll tell you what bummed me out over the weekend though, not bringing my bike and then finding out my sister's partner's brother-in-law was a cyclist who had his bike with him!!

A Midnight Rider said...

If you don't ride on Monday, and even if you do, there is a good one Tuesday in Newport R.I.

It's a good ride with lots of food after. No charge and you get a t-shirt. It begins at 6PM